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The weather is perfect. The average temperature during this period is around 22C to 30C. That is why it's so appealing. Europe, the Mediterranean and northern America are experiencing cold weather this month. There is very little chance of rain, though the odd shower may occur. Even then, it will just be a short shower cooling things down a little. It is actually quite pleasant to grab your shampoo and have a scrub on deck or in the forward nets. The dominant winds are from the Northeast. The Gulf of Thailand is now experiencing their rainy season. January also brings on the departure of The Andaman Sea Rally yachts who are on their way to The Andaman Islands ( India ) some 450 nautical miles north west of Phuket. The fleet spends eight days exploring The Andamans at their leisure before regrouping for the return leg. A new event introduced into the regions rally and race calendar just two years back. www.andamansearally.com


This month is much the same as January. The average temperature during this period is approximately 24C to 32C. Chinese New Years celebrations are usually held in February. A local regatta " The Phang Nga Bay Regatta is held over the Chinese New Year period. The regatta has become a great family event. www.bayregatta.com


The average temperature during this period is still approximately 24C to 32C. It can be a little warmer towards the end of the month. There are occasional brief cooling showers giving a relief from the sun. All eyes in the local yachting community turn towards Langkawi Malaysia and The Royal Langkawi Regatta www.langkawiregatta.com A superb four days of racing with teriffic parties in the evening.


Mid-April through October are influenced by the south west monsoon. The Gulf of Thailand on the east coast is now experiencing its calm season weather. Still plenty of sunny days

April is a transitional month. The previously North Eastern Monsoon winds gradually start shifting around eventually coming from the southwest. Around the middle of the month there is a chance of some heavy showers. The second half of the month can be reasonably wet. The Frequency of thunder-showers increases around this time. They are often quite heavy but brief. It seldom rains continuously.

Songkran / The Thai New Year is celebrated in April with a water festival. Although it is based on traditional Thai cultural practices it has developed in to somewhat of water fight with tourist reverting back to their childhoods armed with every type of water pistol one could imagine. If one happens to be in Phuket at this time it is an experience not to be missed (at least once). But be warned you will get wet and you should take protection in the way of a bigger water pistol than the next guy. Songkran is a wet enough event to qualify for a mention in our rallies and regatta events although fresh water rather than salt.You will be able to find the historic details of the Songkran Water Festival activities at www.tat.com

The temperatures ranges from 27C to 36C.


May can be a wet month. One of the truly pleasurable things about sailing during the rainy season is the visibility. When it stops raining, the visibility can be absolutely outstanding! You can clearly see islands some 30 plus miles away with ease. April and May are the hottest months of the year.


June is much the same as May except the swells on the west coast of Phuket are bigger.

During the low season storms can be absolutely stunning. The colors are often breathtaking with spectacular sunsets. It is certainly a show of mother nature's power at its best. June's range of temperature is between 20C to 33C.


June brings an increase in swells depending on the storm activities out to sea. A strong influence is also felt from the Bay of Bengal .

The visibility is still great with some amazingly clear night skies. July brings the wind along with Phuket Race Week (10 th -17 th ) that is scheduled to make use of the windier conditions. Please visit www.phuketraceweek.com for details.

The temperatures range between 20ºC to 33ºC.


August can have great weather. The wind is still from the Southwest, but the rain has reduced. Although in the middle of the south west monsoon season August experiences a reprieve from the regular conditions having weather more related to the peak season. August is a good month to go cruising amongst the islands of Phang Nga Bay .

Temperatures range between 20C to 33C.


This is the wettest month of the year by far. There are frequent storms. Phang Nga Bay remains a well protected area to cruise with plenty of safe coves, bays and islands to take anchor at. The rains are often heavy with very strong winds at the start of the front. Line squalls occur during this period. The rains aren't necessarily all day long. Many days have brief showers or no rain at all. Even so still expect to have a number of clear days. Temperatures continue to be between 20C and 33C


October is generally the second wettest month of the year. Storms are less
frequent and less intense than those in September. The change from the south west to north east monsoon is approaching.


November is the transition month. The rain gradually tapers off throughout the month.
The most popular time to visit Phuket is during the cooler northeast monsoon season. From November through March, it's not as humid and regular sea breezes can be expected. Yachts traveling north this time of year have the opportunity to join in with The Raja Muda Race fleet which departs from The Royal Selangor Yacht Club Port Klang. For more information please go to www.rmir.com

Expect this month's temperatures to be between 24ºC to 32ºC for November.


December has a continuation of the onset of the North East Monsoon and its effect. Conditions are settling with lighter winds and Glorious sunny days with crisp clear nights. Celebrations are also underway for the King of Thailand's birthday. Phuket hosts the Kings Cup Regatta with an international fleet of yachts attending. King's Cup information can be found at www.kingscup.com

Temperatures are at there best this month with an average of 20C t0 30C.