Monohulls crewed (2)

Crewed Monohulls

There are three choices of crewed Monohulls available for cruising enjoyment: SY Meta is a luxury 85-foot yacht built for safety and spacious comfort and can accommodate up to 10 guests; SY Seraph is well known in these seas and cuts fine lines in her schooner rig as she has done for over 100 years. She can provide covered space for 30 people or more; SY Orion is a 60-foot classic yacht built in the yachting town of Cowes (GB) to Lloyds’ 100A specifications. Orion can provide accommodation for up to eight guests. Orion offers exploration of the enchanted world of the Philippines with its tropical beaches, turquoise waters and ultra-friendly locals. Naturally, delicious and varied onboard catering is provided in style.

This luxurious 85 foot yacht has been designed and built for comfort, safety and space in mind. Meta IV can accommodate up to 10 guests.

(Schooner) Seraph started life in 1906 and with her existing Schooner Rig represents the ultimate sailing experience from those years.