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Indonesia Yacht Charters

Gain unique insights into Indonesia's most famous island on a Bali sailing charter, or marvel at the living dragons on Komodo island national park. Visit local villages, trek through lush jungles with secret waterfalls, or dive in and explore pristine reefs teeming with fish and dazzling marine creatures.

Each Indonesia yacht charter is a unique experience aboard the Silolona, Raja Laut, or SY Asia. Our crew works with you both before and during your journey to create a sailing adventure according to your needs and heart's desire. There's no fixed itinerary, but plenty of amazing sights to see, at your own pace. Here are some of the top Indonesia sailing destinations we like to travel to:

Bali & Lombok

Bali is a world-renowned island paradise that serves as the main gateway for sailors setting off on Indonesian yacht charter explorations. Spend a few days exploring the Hindu temples, artistic villages and vivid rice paddies, or enjoy the nightlife of Kuta, before setting sail. Nearby is Lombok, featuring dozens of Muslim temples, a national park with a volcano and crater lake, and fertile plains.

Komodo National Park

Komodo dragons, the world's largest lizards, are the most famous attraction in this UNESCO World Heritage island, but there are plenty of other wild creatures to see here including monkeys, water buffalo, and boar. Numerous hiking trails allow for easy explorations of this stunning island, and its jade-toned coves are spectacular diving and snorkeling spots.


Moluccas and Banda

Moluccas (or Maluku) and Banda islands have a long trading history with China and Europe, and were once known as the 'Spice Islands'. The islands' nutmeg was especially prized by the Europeans in the 16th and 17 Centuries, sparking the launch of many grand sailing expeditions and battles. Today, the islands are visited by explorers of a different sort -- divers who are rewarded with WWII shipwrecks and fascinating sea life and topography. The Raja Laut is one of only a handful of yacht charters that travel to this amazing site.


Raja Ampat & Irian Jaya

Diving, diving, diving. With the most diverse and plentiful marine life found anywhere in the world, Raja Ampat is all about diving. One dive magazine says that "diving Raja Ampat is as close as you can get to underwater heaven." Even so, these islands still remain largely unexplored, offering Raja Ampat yacht charter enthusiasts a chance to journey to idyllic places undisturbed by other travellers. Nearby Irian Jaya (West Papua) is infamous for its headhunters of times past. The tribes' traditions have evolved, but visitors will still enjoy a rare cultural experience that will not be found elsewhere in this increasingly homogenized world.

Savu Sea islands

The Savu Sea is host to an amazing array of sea life including dugong, sea turtles and dolphins, and is a whale migration route, offering rich and varied dive and snorkel experiences. Dozens of islands from Timor to Flores are home to an astonishing range of cultures and landscapes. With a yacht charter aboard the Silolona, spend some time with local fishing villagers or cruise past a volcano, relax on a deserted beach or learn about traditional textile and craft making techniques. The Satu Sea islands are truly among the last undiscovered tropical dreamscapes.