Around Phi Phi Island

Ao Losamah

Location : The southern bay of Koh Ph Phi Ley.
Depth : Average 14m / Maximum 20m
Details : The sandy bottom is punctuated by rocky ledges among which are numerous bearded scorpionfish.

Ao Maya

Location : West coast of Koh Phi Phi Ley.
Depth : Average 16m / Maximum 24m
Details : The dive follows the coast along a steep shelved reef, with occasional sections of wall; hard corals, sea whips and various species of sea anemones cover the elevated shelves.

Ao Nui

Location : On the northwest coast of Koh Phi Phi Don.
Depth : Average 15m / Maximum 21m
Details : The dive circumnavigates the large rocky outcrop just outside the bay and really is an enjoyable dive.

Hin Bida

Location : Outcrop 8km southeast of Koh Phi Phi Ley.
Depth : Average 12m / Maximum 18m
Details : Relatively shallow at around 5m, the area due north of the outcrop is covered with scattered rocks; in calm conditions snorkellers and divers...

Hin Dot

Location : Submerged pinnacle off Koh Phi Phi Don's southwestern headlands.
Depth : Average 12m / Maximum 28m
Details : The pinnacle is dominated by three interesting shelves which provide ample and varied underwater scenery as you spiral upwards.

Koh Bida Nai

Location : Outer outcrop directly south of Phi Phi Ley.
Depth : Average 16m / Maximum 35m
Details : A hugely diverse range of hard and soft corals. One area, known as Fantasy Reef, comprises mostly branching and hard coral laminates...

Koh Bida Nok

Location : Outer outcrop directly south of Phi Phi Ley.
Depth : Average 19m / Maximum 30m
Details : Gorgonian sea fans, sea whips and colourful soft corals abound. Small scorpionfish disguise themselves amid the rocks...

Table Coral City

Location : Off the eastern side of Phi Phi Ley next to the Viking Cave.
Depth : Average 9m / Maximum 28m
Details : This is an interesting place to dive, and there is much to see. The topography of the site is a sloping reef with sand and coral patches interspersed with a range of pinnacles.

Koh Lanta

Hin Daeng

Location : 500m from Hin Mouang.
Depth : Average 25m / Maximum 35m
Details : A series of wall dives with intermittent shelves at varying depths.

Hin Mouang

Location : 27km west of Koh Rok.
Depth : Average 23m / Maximum 70m+
Details : This is one of the best dive sites in Thai waters. A series of six or more submerged pinnacles heads southwest...

Koh Ha Nua

Location : Northernmost of the Koh Ha island group.
Depth : Average 20m / Maximum 34m
Details : One point of individuality is that the site is characterised by a scattering of geometrically shaped rocks.

Koh Ha Yai

Location : Southernmost of the Koh Ha island group.
Depth : Average 18m / Maximum 25m
Details : There is excellent adventure here. The south western face has a cave with two large entrances.

Koh Kraden Wreck

Location : Off the southwest coast of Koh Kraden.
Depth : Average 24m / Maximum 28m
Details : The wreck is believed to be of a 60-70m Japanese destroyer sunk by air attack in 1944.

Koh Muk

Location : Outcrop off Koh Muk's northwest point.
Depth : Average 5m / Maximum 10m
Details : The rock itself is covered in masses of splendid purple and red soft corals, with holes and cracks providing hiding-places for fish.

Koh Rok Nai

Location : The northern of the two Koh Rok islands.
Depth : Average 12m / Maximum 20m
Details : This is a good site at all depths. The diving is around the southern coast, heading slightly northeast.

Koh Rok Nok

Location : The southern of the two Koh Rok islands.
Depth : Average 14m / Maximum 20m
Details : Around the wall you may see morays, lionfish, invertebrates and nudibranchs, plus many zigzag oysters.


Beacon Beach

Location : The reef spans the length of the south-eastern coastline of island #8, about 200m offshore.
Depth : Average 12-18m / Maximum 34m
Details : The reef-flat, is in just over 5m and features many small boulders of lesser star and brain corals.

Beacon Point

Location : The southern extension of Beacon Beach Reef.
Depth : Average 16m / Maximum 55m
Details : The site is very like Beacon Beach Reef but with more fish and larger corals, especially in the deeper waters.

Boulder City

Location : Immediately south of Shark Fin Reef.
Depth : Average 19m / Maximum 32m
Details : The site consists of a collection of enormous submerged granite boulders running southeast-northwest...

Breakfast Bend

Location : South-eastern apex of island #9.
Depth : Average 16m / Maximum 34m
Details : Breakfast Bend is so-called because it is generally the first dive on a live-aboard excursion - after breakfast!

Donald Duck Bay

Location : In the small sheltered bay on the northwest coast of island #8.
Depth : Average 8m / Maximum 14m
Details : A popular night diving site. Scattered coral mounds and boulders provide sleeping quarters for a host of marine life.

East of Eden

Location : South-eastern fringing reef of island #7.
Depth : Average 22m / Maximum 34m
Details : This is a steep sloping hard coral reef consisting of mostly hard-coral laminates.

Elephant Head

Location : The giant rocky outcrop off island #8's southern tip. As you approach the site from the west the outcrop resembles a partially submerged elephant - hence the name.
Depth : Average 24m / Maximum 70m
Details : Huge boulders, some with frames measuring over 30m, sit individually or are stacked to form daring swim-throughs comprising arches, caverns, gullies and tunnels at all depths.

Koh Bon

Location : Off the south west corner of Koh Bon.
Depth : Average 21m / Maximum 40m
Details : The island's perimeter here takes the form of a series of small wall-like sections which drop to meet a fringing reef...

Koh Tachai

Location : 40km south of Koh Surin Tai.
Depth : Average 22m / Maximum 30m
Details : This submerged plateau is divided into three reefs, each dominating a different depth with different structures and reef inhabitants.

North Point

Location : The northern apex of island #9.
Depth : Average 20m / Maximum 34m
Details : The walls and sides of large boulders are highlighted by radiant soft corals.

Shark Fin Reef

Location : Around the rocks, which break the water at low tide; 3km southeast of island #3.
Depth : Average 16m / Maximum 40m
Details : The north-eastern side features a sloping reef, whereas the south-western side is a more dramatic sheer drop-off Download Dive Guide here


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